The importance of a safe space

To explore changing a habit needs a safe space. Inhibition, the process of not doing what you always do, can and hopefully does, lead to something new and unpredictable happening. Allowing this needs the right setting, perhaps the reason setting aside time and space for „the lesson“ and the accompaniment of the teacher plays such a crucial role in learning the technique.

Inhibiting habits that are about „doing“ something seem to me to be less threatening than inhibiting the kind of habits that relate to our way of „being“. The muscles that have a „holding“ function that fundamentally affect our muscle tone and balance are also very much related to our way of being in the world. Exploring these can feel like a risky business.

Where to begin

Start right here where you are, standing, sitting, lying, reading these words…

… my practice begins where I stand typing them, unfamiliar with this new phone …

noticing whatever it is that you notice…

that I notice…

This is our starting place.

Forms and frameworks

Eine Form ist ein Rahmen. Innerhalb dieses Rahmens entsteht ein Spiel-und Forschungsfeld. Eine Bewegungsform als einen Rahmen für das Forschen zu erleben, macht es lebendig, neu. Ob Chi Gong, Yoga oder Lindy Hop…

Dann ist das Üben keine Pflicht mehr, sondern eine Entdeckungsreise. Welche Formen in deinem Leben bieten dir welche Forschungsräume?

In diesem Sinne, seid herzlich eingeladen, bei mir simple Bewegungsformen zu entdecken und zu üben…


What kind of rooms make it possible for me to do my work? Inner space and attitudes are as relevant as walls and floors. „Home office“ just about works, but home practice room? And I do dream about the right kind of floors…

Wooden sprung dance floors, tatami mats for rolling and falling on, warm floors for body work…

Why? To gradually explore the transition from lying to upright as if for the first time – to relearn that coordination anew. To experience support from the ground as if it goes without saying – „selbstverständlich“ as the Germans say. To allow myself to be a child again…

Is this dance?

Thanks to an invitation to participate in an online cultural event in Paderborn, I discover:

My body is stiff from not moving, everything hurts. Improvising alone, I keep losing the thread. Watching myself on film is uncomfortably revealing.

Connecting with my support network – partner, friends and  colleagues – make the impossible possible. My first dance film!

A two minute film will be streamed live as part of Kulturheimspiel on Wednesday 14th April.


If you want things to change, you have to be willing to be in the uncomfortable places.


„Verbinde deinen Vorhaben mit den vorhandenen Kraft.“

Due to my state of health, I am challenged more than usual to „stay in myself“ – Staying connected to my current goal, no matter how overwhelming or trivial AND at the same time to the energy / strength currently available helps me not to „overdo“ it,  nor to collapse.


Falling Slowly

Ich freue mich zur Ausstellungseröffnung am 7. Dezember in der Kulturwerkstatt einladen zu dürfen.

Diese Kollaboration ist eine Fortsetzung eine Reise die für mich mit dem Projekt „Held“ (Gehalten) in 2013 begann, und ich freue mich sehr darauf die mit Euch zu teilen.

Texte: Anne Pommier

Fotografie: Linsesüppchen 54

Videograph: Dennis Millack

Performance: Improgruppe der Paderborner Tanzhaus unter der Leitung: Anne Pommier und Birgit Brade.

Musik: Einfach Schön.

day by day

making a space that fits.

Being and seeing. so that I can start to create. So I can make sense of what I need, want, wish for, for me and for those around me…

Letting someone else sweep the floor so that I can write these words.

Finding a corner for the unspoken, unaknowledged  to  find out what it can become.

My chi gong practice, long neglected, the movements familiar, but the flow between the movements missing. My head so full of ideas to be realised that I am not here, in my  moving body, It stops, for lack of direction, not knowing where to go…

work in progress

I notice I feel most inspired to write when a new insight or sense of achievement strikes me –

Am I willing to share frustration, stuckness, doubts?? Aren’t they my learning too? Isn’t that why am I writing this any way? To share my  learning journey in the hope it may support, encourage,  challenge …

Am I willing to make mistakes?  Not very,  but increasingly…

Today I notice I am typing faster than usual without trying, that I am having trouble with peoples names, that I feel overwhelmed in new social situations,  that I am holding myself back by not planning ahead…

Alexander would say „Use of the Self“.