Me and my work

The Alexander Technique is one of the many somatic practices that have enriched the contemporary dance scene in recent years. Feldenkrais and Body Mind Centering are other methods that have influenced my work.

Release Technique is based on delevopmental movement patterns, and helps dancers to move efficiently and without unnecessary tension. In Contact Improvisation we develop sensitivity and a relaxed strength to allow a free play of weight, balance and the force of gravity. These techniques were my introduction to contemporary dance in 1992.

The work of the movement practitioner Prapto (introduced to me by Sandra Reeve) taught me a form of Authentic Movement and Environmental Movement that I have continued to develop and make my own. This practice helps us to connect with ourselves and our environment in a direct and immediate way. Allowing and witnessing the movement impulses that result from this contact, deepens our ability to be present with what is.

The writings (Body Space Image, A widening Field) and workshops of Miranda Tufnell (Cranio-Sacral Practitioner, Alexander Technique Teacher and dancer) have influenced me profoundly. In 2013 I asked her to mentor an environmental dance project.

My workshops and courses help people to develop self awareness, presence and creativity. The work also show us our blockages, and offers us possibilities for change. My aim is to help you become your own teacher, recognising your needs and resources, allowing your inner potential to unfold.